about bobby offcourse

bobby offcourse is a fictional 13 year old teenage boy on the internet world of second life (www.secondlife.com).  he’s currently at DJ at aspen nights and primbeach v2, as well as does a bit of building in his spare time (he has spare time??)  he’s also got a great boyfriend (rai fargis), and some amazing friends who make his time in SL all that much more better!bobby loves meeting new people and making friends!anything said by bobby’s creator will be put in italics, just to help differentiate who’s saying things.as for bobby’s creator, im not going to go into too much detail, since this is supposed to be about my character and not me, but i will say that im a recent college grad currently working as an architectural intern at a major firm in boston, massachusetts.  i live with my boyfriend of 3 and a half years, who thinks sl is funny to watch but not interested in getting involved with it.  as for relation to my character, i’d like to consider myself a idealized grown up version of him–i see a lot of myself in him, both in how i was 10 years ago and sometimes how i wish i was too.  but by no means is he a carbon copy of me, cause what fun would there be in that?


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  • 1. Toby Tendaze  |  October 7, 2007 at 4:10 pm

    Hi Bobby! Nice blog… 🙂


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