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my fundraiser for darkx hax

i really don’t even know how to start this entry.  my mind is racing and i’m in a partial state of shock. so ill just go with the straight facts.  a good friend of mine, darkx hax, is very sick, and in need of some major medical attention.  i was approached by danny the other day, who asked me if i could do a set this coming sunday, as the aspen crew were planning on doing a fundraiser to raise money for dax.  i wasn’t going to be able to make it sunday, but i offered to danny that i would DJ tonight and donate all my tips to the fund for dax.  i even said that i would match all of the donations–up to $5,000 L–of my own money to the fund (i would have been happy to donate more, but unfortunately my RL responsibilities at the moment will not allow it).  i figured we could do a pretty good job at raising some money, and it would all go to a great cause.  so i did my set tonight and told everyone about the special circumstances and what was being done with all of the money and asked people to donate if they can. 

we raised $119,362 L. 

no, that is not a typo. 

in two hours, we raised the equivalent of almost $450 USD.  one anonymous donor in particular matched the money that we raised in that two hour period.  i’m… floored.  im totally speechless.  never in my wildest visions could i have ever imagined that i would have even broken $100 for this.  im currently filled with just so much love right now that i really dont even know how to comprehend it.  any time anyone makes any kind of negative comment about the SL kids community, im just going to drift back to the memory of this night, because this says far more than any slander piece anyone can come up with.  

this is going to make a lasting impression on me for a very long time.  i’m so incredibly moved by all of the help and support that people were willing to give to someone that most people only know through a computer screen.   i really don’t even know what to think right now.  im rambling because im still in shock that all of this happened.  so i apologize for this being long winded.  

thank you to everyone that came tonight.  thank you thank you thank you.  this means so much to so many people, and its going to go to someone who both needs and deserves it.   i should also mention that the “official” day of the fundraiser is going to be this sunday, so if you weren’t able to make it to my set, if you are financially able to, please go to aspen at some point between now and then and make a donation.  it will really mean a lot to me. 


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