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hey remember me? the kid who USED TO post all the time? hehehe.  sorry about that!  oh man.  where do i begin.  SO MUCH has gone on. first and foremost, and i think the most important at the moment, I MOVED TO KIKAI!! 😀  and even better, rai moved in with me too!!  so now rai and i are living together on our wonderful beautiful island paradise! i’m sooooo excited to be there.  everyone has been oh so incredibly welcoming to us! well, except for gray.  haha.  he’s evil.  look what he did to our house!! graffiti.jpg /me giggles.  SOME WELCOMING, huh.  but yeah, it was amazing.  within an hour of moving the house (surprisingly, with NO issues! the sl gods were smiling upon us!), there were like literally 15 people over at our house welcoming us to the island!! it really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  i really think im gonna like it here. 🙂 aside from that, what else has been up.  oh, dummie’s passing.  on a much sadder note, that is.  i did not know dummie that well at all, but that doesn’t by any sense help to console the fact that such a nice person is now gone.  he was really a sweet person and he will really really be missed.  a lot of people have written a lot of great things about him, and i can only echo what they said.  ooc:  a lot of people have been talking about “what if this happened to you,” and it really makes people stop and think about things.  as for me, my rl bf knows my login info and knows that if anything were to ever happen to me, he’d go on and tell people what happened.  plus a number of people in sl know some of my rl contact info as well.  it really depends on everyone’s level of comfort i guess…. i’m totally fine with people in rl knowing about my sl and visa versa.  i know not everyone is like that, so i respect each person’s wishes.  as for rai, i know enough of his rl contact info where i’d be able to find out if something happened.    anyway.  things have been oh so incredibly busy these days.  ive got a lot more fun stories to talk about that maybe ill eventually get to.  hehehe.  but for now, its time to head over to the vortex.  catch ya’all later! 😀 


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yeah i know i havent updated in forever.  and im not updating right now.  hehe.  too much to do.  but i had to share this. i came across this place and i just had to post the picture.  i dunno if i’d trust this place too much if i were looking for a house. 

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