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busy busy bobby!

gosh ive been so busy the past few days i havent even had time to sit down and update my blog. the main reason for that is that dusan gave me a plot of land on free of my very own!!!! 🙂 this was like 2 weeks ago. so ive spent a lot of time the past few weeks actually building the house, and since the house wasnt finished my computer was packed up in a box. but now its all unpacked so i can actually update it now. hehe. so hi, again. im back. ^^

what else has been going on. oh yes. rai. he’s really the best. he makes me so happy. i really am still in shock that he asked me out. he’s such an amazingly sweet boy and i love him to death. we really have a lot in common, so thats awesome. and we’ve done some pretty awesome exploring so far already! i love spending time with him and he makes me so happy. in case i havent said it enough, he makes me feel so great!! haha ::giggles::

as for everyone else. there have been a lot of ups and downs the past few days, and as usual LL deciding to tax like, half of my friends and not the others is really pretty messed up if you ask me. i mean if theyre have to start doing something like adding VAT, wouldnt it make sense to do a very modest increase across the board instead of charging 20% more to some of my friends than others??? that makes me angry. /me kicks the lindens. stuuuupid. let me make the rules. free cookies for everyone! but yeah, i talked with one of my friends and he was very very upset and wasnt sure if he would be able to continue doing all the things he normally does in SL with all the extra fees. i told him and ill say it to anyone thats in this boat…. i will do whatever it takes to keep you guys around. we can have bake sales, car washes….. dance-offs, fundraisers, whatever. ill personally bake lots and lots of cookies for everyone to sell. i make great cookies. 🙂 hehe. but you all mean so much to me and i want to be able to help you if it means staying around here or not. b/c if i lost any of you i’d be very sad.

dusan has really really proved to me why i am so lucky to have a brother the past few days. a lot’s happened recently and he’s always been the one to sit down and talk to me about things before things get really awfully out of control bad. he’s really so absolutely incredible to me. since i dont have any parents, i look to him a lot, and i couldn’t have found a more betterer person to keep an eye on me. he really means the world to me. and i’ve even been able to help him out a bit too. hehehe.

so you know how people talk about how they have like the good conscience and the bad conscience? or like, the angel and the devil on your shoulder? well that would definitely be robin and flo. hehe. robin’s always the sensible one whose like “no bobby, don’t eat that!,” or “don’t stick that fork in the electrical socket” (BUT he didnt tell me i couldn’t use a knife!! ^^). and without him who knows how much trouble i’d get myself into. …well, except there’s flo. hehehe. he brings out my wild side. that boy’s crazy. and i love him for it. whether its dancing dirty at the club or bringing me along on some crazy wild adventures, those two have been my closest buddies since i moved here and they have slowly but surely brought out the real me that i’ve kept inside for so long. so if you have a problem with me, blame them. ^^

oh, and i have to tell you the most amazingly cute story. robin was telling me the other day that his boy harold had been really down recently, and he had remembered him one day a few weeks back mentioning that he always wanted a nice cabin somewhere in the woods on a mountain. well what do you think robin did, but went and built harold a cabin on the mountain!!! now if thats not the sweetest thing EVER. it made me awwww so much. robin is so incredibly thoughtful. 🙂

ok well im heading over to the SLC burning life dance party now, so i gotta run! i promise to update more now that i got my computer back in place!


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so um yeah. i havent updated in a while, and i plan to soon, i promise. but one thing just couldn’t wait.

rai just asked me to be his boyfriend.

i said yes.

/me squeals and jumps up and down like the hyper teenager that he is.

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captain hindenberg

robin let me fly his zeppelin yesterday on kikai, even after i warned how bad of a driver i was.

i crashed it. ^^

hehe. hey, at least i warned him!

oh, and this is a picture of me and rai from when we went exploring to this crazy city sim back a few days ago. its probably my favorite picture ever. 🙂


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coming into my own

you helped me find my way
there’s still so much to learn
so many dreams to earn
but even if i crash and burn ten times a day
i think i’m here to stay
i’m gonna find my way…

that’s a quote from “find my way,” from legally blonde, the musical (yes, im serious. it exists. and MTV will actually be airing it–in it’s entirity–on saturday, september 29th at 1pm eastern time!). i had my ipod on shuffle while i was skating around earlier (morning skating is really the best!) and that song came up. i think it’s the perfect song to describe how i feel right now. i’m really starting to come into my own here. (and as for the “you,” you know who you are…) i’m not the new kid anymore. i’m starting to open up to people and be more myself, and people STILL like me! haha. let me tell you, it feels amazing to be accepted with such open arms! ^^

i found a really sweet DJ program for my mac. it’s called “futuredecks lite.” it’s got everything i could ever want. im not looking for something totally crazy professional…. just simple stuff… crossfading, beat matching, simple looping, etc. its exactly what i was looking for. now that i found the perfect program, now i can start working on some sets. im sooooooo nervous/excited about this audition. i dont wanna screw up too bad!! lol! i need to set a time with flo for that. maybe thursday sometime after 3pm SLT? that work for you flo? if i set a time now then i have something set to work towards and i gotta be ready regardless. LOL.

so what do i need to dj? i got the DJing program yesterday… i need a broadcaster program as well (im looking at nicecast…. but its $40, anyone know of a mac one for cheaper? lol….. this kid’s poor!) (but ill buy it if i need to). and now im hearing something about needing a stream server? wtf is that? i dont know what it does. i might have to talk to tsu about that…. i know he sells them….. i just wish i knew what they were and what i need to do with them. LOL.

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on relationships…

It really makes me stop and smile when I think about how close ive become to some of the people I met since I moved here. You know how sometimes you move to a new place and you just observe the scene, and you learn who all the cool popular people are and so? Its crazy to stop and think that I can call these people my friends. Robin, Flo, Shakes, Danny, Rai, Ron, Rick, Gray, Harold, Caleb, Dale, both Austins, Tobi (and LT…lol), Pais, Tigger, Pix, Dark,… and of course my big bro Dusan…you all have left such a wonderful impression on me and it makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy when i see all of you. I know I’m forgetting people but I just woke up and I hope you know I love you all as well. and feel free to yell at me if i forgot you. haha.

Anyway. My house is almost done. Yay! I have to confess something though. Its kind of lonely having such a big house all to myself. I have caught myself daydreaming a whole bunch recently about how nice it would be to have a special someone here to share things with. I’m not necessarily looking for a relationship at the moment but you have to think that it would be nice…

Anyway. I’ll shut up now. Sorry for rambling. Flo wants me to audition for him to DJ at his beach club. I gotta work on getting a set that i like so i can audition! I have to figure out what kind of music I want to play as well. I’m thinking high energy dance and pop, since those are my 2 favorite styles of music, and i think they blend together. I also need a name. Any suggestions on either? im thinking dj bobby o.c. or just dj offcourse. any suggestions would be helpful. 🙂

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adventures in new york!

so yesterday i spent some time finishing up on my house (i finally have a roof! and now im just working on some furnishings), and i got a call from robin asking if i wanted to come on an adventure with him and a few others. apparently he found a replica of new york, circa 1850s (, and they were going to go exploring. never to be the one to pass up an adventure, i of course accepted. i met robin on his front porch, and then suddenly like 20 more people showed up! we had like a whole gang of people! so we TP’ed over to the place and explored it. we were gonna drive over but we would have had to rent a limo to fit all of us! haha. it was really cool! they had a real life bull to ride, a house full of stuff for….um…. “ladies of the evening,” some weird bull furniture, and a full dance hall that was decked out to the finest square dance hoedown garb imaginable. we had quite a fun time hanging out there…. it was a nice change from vortex and aspen. i also got to dance with gray, whose a really good dancer! hehe. i told austin S that he should do his rock show there. LOL. i had to run off though so i didnt get to finish the exploration (it was past my bedtime), but i hope to go back sometime and check it out. i love those guys. it was so much fun going over in a big group! i hope we can do that again sometime.

ive got a busy weekend ahead of me, so i might not be out and about that much. dusan also promised me that we’ll have some brother time soon! ^^ im holding him to that. and if all goes well, i should have my house ready by next week. when its done, ill invite some people over to see it. and maybe even post some pictures of it here too for those who are too lazy to come over.

p.s. robin…. i so won our bet. ^^

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chill weekend…

what a great weekend! i didnt really do much that you could actually consider productive, but i sure had a lot of fun just hanging out with people this weekend. i also built a new room on my house…. now i just gotta actually attach it to the rest of it! lol at the moment its kind of just floating out in space. haha. danny’s back from vacation too! yay! rai’s been hard at work on his land, and theres a really cool new place to hang out on it now. flo, pais, and i hung out there yesterday and chatted about food. it made me REALLY hungry. flo, youuuuu need to update your blog.

im officially no longer the new kid now. that makes me happy. some people even threw a small, informal one-month rezzday party for me. it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. my friends are really the best. i cant wait to finish my house so i can throw a small get together at my place. it wont be anything crazy big since its a private island and i think my bro would kill me if i suddenly invited half of kikai to it! haha. but a small way of saying thanks to my awesome friends. but then again, i also need to stop building for long enough to actually be able to clean and get ready for company! i just cant stop building! i suppose it could be much worse though… i shouldn’t complain about that.

i need to post some pictures from this past weekend. i havent posted pics in a while. ill do that later, i cant get to my camera right now (booo!).

ooc: is there an easy way to DL pics from your texture library in SL to your computer? if so, please fill me in! the only way i’ve figured out how to do it is to just take a screenshot and do it that way. which works, of course, but still…

ok im tired. i was up way too late last night, so im going to go take a nap. ^^

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