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my house is a warzone. wear a helmet.

i think i need to watch who i go totally fanboy over (cough cough flo cale cough cough), since they apparently might be reading my blog. haha. ::blushes:: (p.s. you need to do one too!)

so yesterday, i finally went bulldozer on the house. i knocked out like the entire bedroom and started building my own idea. i really like how its going so far. its got quite a ways to go, but its definitely looking pretty sweet! i dont think my house will ever be a construction-free zone. haha. maybe thats why i wanna be a architect when i grow up. ^^ i got go hang out with rai yesterday!! he came over to my house to see it, and was really happy with what ive done so far. that made me happy. at one point we were just cuddling and talking, but i was building at the same time, and he was like OMG youre building while we’re cuddling? we’re just like dusan! no wonder why you 2 are brothers!! haha. that made me laugh so hard. i had to share that with him. hehe. we’re gonna go exploring later today, i cant wait!!

robin also came over to my place to see it. i love robin. he’s such a sweet boy. and he’s a great dancer too! hehe. after the tour of the place we went to vortex and hung out for a bit while austin spun. he really is such a great dj. speaking of which, i think im finally gonna put in an app to DJ at vortex this weekend. wish me luck! im nervous!

i love all my friends here. they make me feel all warm and squichy inside

ive decided that as of this weekend im no longer the new kid. hehe. ive come a long way in the last month!! we should throw a “wow im old!” party. lol.


August 30, 2007 at 7:21 am 1 comment

so um hi! i didnt forget about this (even though i am a bit a.d.d. at times!), its just been pretty busy these last few days. dusan gave me a base house to play with and ive been hard at work the past few days trying to make it work. ive already done a lot to it and i think im going to need to just tear down like entire parts of the house to make it work soon. haha. its gonna be a work in progress for quite a while i think! lol. i can live with that though.. ^^ aside from that, i havent really done much. hung out a bit in vortex and aspen, went shopping a bit, hanging out with friends…. things have been pretty good all around. im finally getting into a bit of a groove around here, which has been really nice. plus im actually having real conversations with some of my new friends, which makes me really happy that its not all just like “hi!” in the club. but like, im going to their houses, being invited on trips/excusions/what not, and the like. and ive found some people who moved here very recently, so maybe i wont be the new kid much longer! heh.

oh! so yesterday i was at vortex and flo and tsu showed up and gave everyone balloons!! haha. it was so random. i love those two. i hope one day im like, half as cool as them. hehe.

August 28, 2007 at 12:52 pm 2 comments


so yesterday i wrote about how i hung out with rai for most of the day, and i got to talk to his boyfriend dusan for quite a while, and we had a really great conversation. well i’ve got exciting news–dusan’s adopted me as my big brother! we had a really great chat today and i think we really understand one another, plus he’s a heck of a lot of fun to be around. i don’t know what i did to deserve this, he’s being so sweet! it made me feel so good, actually being welcomed into someone’s family. its nice to also know that sometime soon i’ll actually have a place to call home, since he offered to let me live on his island!! it makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. dusan was even there to help me out after i got myself in a biiiiit of trouble as well. ^^ dont worry, i won’t make that mistake again! so i suppose having someone like him will really help me out as well. im so excited, i can barely contain myself.

here’s a pic i took of me and dusan hanging out and having a chat.

he’s so awesome! ^^

thats all for now, gotta head over to vortex! gem’s spinning!

August 21, 2007 at 2:58 pm 2 comments


oh man, yesterday was such a great day! i met this really cool girl, carina (i know what you’re saying… girl….ewww!) hey, girls can be fun too! haha. and she was a great dancer as well! we danced at aspen (where else!). shortly after that, i ended up going over to rai’s island and he gave me a tour of it. wow! it looks pretty awesome! he’s really done a lot with it! and his house is awesome… i was very impressed! rai even showed me how to do some very basic building things. i hope that i can start building soon! then we ended up meeting up with fl0 cale, and we went exploring to a whole bunch of different places. we went to some space station where we got to look back at earth and dance and have a few drinks, then we went to this place that had all these mockups of famous ships. well, some. rai said there used to be a lot more, but apparantly the owner is getting rid of them. thats sad. 😦 we also went over to free, the island that rai and dusan (his boyfriend) have their bigger (and more private house) on. all i can say is…. WOW! what an awesome place!! everything i see here makes me just so impressed! i also got to meet rai’s boyfriend, dusan, who was such a cool person! we had a really great and in-depth chat (see, i do have some substance to me, its not just all OMGYAY!). he had to run, so we bid him farewell, and rai showed me a few more places on the island to check out. we ended the tour back at his house on pride island, where this picture was taken.


he’s so sweet! ^^

later in the day i got invited over to kikai island by robin, another amazingly wonderful person, who gave me a personal guided tour of the island in a blimp!! it was so amazing seeing everyone’s houses. and when we got to robin and har’s house, i was just in awe. first, it was so BIG! and it was so classy and well done! for kids they really know how to design a house! i was so very impressed, i was pretty much speechless for most of the time. it was my first time going to the island, and i sure hope it’s not my last. maybe one day in the future ill be able to have my own house there…. maybe even with a special someone one day. we’ll see. 🙂

i slept really good last night after all that exploring and sightseeing. i hope i get to have another awesome day like that sometime soon…. but man are my legs tired! next time im using a hovercraft. OH THAT REMINDS ME! rai gave me a hovercraft! he really is so amazingly sweet. but yeah, thats all for now…. byeee!

August 21, 2007 at 6:08 am 1 comment

fun night @ aspen

so the other day i met this awesome (and cute!) boy named flo (flo bikcin, not the other flo who runs the beach club). he was really cool and fun to talk to! we talked for a while at aspen and then i had to run off becuase i was getting tired. well yesterday we ended up hanging out again for quite a while. we danced at aspen for quite a while (hes a good dancer!). then afterwards we went upstairs and talked for a while and really got to know one another. he’s a really cool boy. does that count as a date? hehe. i dont know, but it was a lot of fun either way!

in other news, i watched high school musical 2 the other night as well. zac efron’s even cuter in this movie. hehe. so good. and the music is so much fun too! god i sound like such a girl. oh well! it was also nice to see ryan (the obviously gay one!) actually become “one of the gang” as well. it made me happy.

oh, here’s a picture of me and flo from the other night. isnt he cute?


thats all for now, gonna go see whats going on today.

August 19, 2007 at 2:39 pm 2 comments

i made a shirt!

i made a shirt for myself last night!!!  its from my favorite tv show (well, one of them), jericho.  its really simple, its just the jericho logo on a black shirt.  the front looks awesome, the back is all messed up.  probably because im too thin and my shoulder bones make the shirt all screwy.  oh well, not bad for a first try! ill post a pic of it later.

high school musical’s on tonight! i cant wait to watch it! i have a liiiiiittle crush on zac efron… but shh dont tell ne one.  hes SO cute! hehe.  i wish i could sing like him.

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pj party @ vortex!

tobi tendaze threw a pajama party at vortex tonight and we even had a contest for best PJs.  i came in tied for second place!  i was so happy!!  i love everyone at vortex.  theyre so awesome.  tobi plays awesome music and hes so much fun to be around as well.  and his puppy (lil tobi) is awesome as well.  makes me miss my puppy.  i should get one.  probably a house first though…haha.  otherwise id just have to carry the puppy around all the time and im too lazy for that.  rick said he might be leasing some of his old land.  i should talk to him about that.  and maybe get a job too. 

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