my fundraiser for darkx hax

i really don’t even know how to start this entry.  my mind is racing and i’m in a partial state of shock. so ill just go with the straight facts.  a good friend of mine, darkx hax, is very sick, and in need of some major medical attention.  i was approached by danny the other day, who asked me if i could do a set this coming sunday, as the aspen crew were planning on doing a fundraiser to raise money for dax.  i wasn’t going to be able to make it sunday, but i offered to danny that i would DJ tonight and donate all my tips to the fund for dax.  i even said that i would match all of the donations–up to $5,000 L–of my own money to the fund (i would have been happy to donate more, but unfortunately my RL responsibilities at the moment will not allow it).  i figured we could do a pretty good job at raising some money, and it would all go to a great cause.  so i did my set tonight and told everyone about the special circumstances and what was being done with all of the money and asked people to donate if they can. 

we raised $119,362 L. 

no, that is not a typo. 

in two hours, we raised the equivalent of almost $450 USD.  one anonymous donor in particular matched the money that we raised in that two hour period.  i’m… floored.  im totally speechless.  never in my wildest visions could i have ever imagined that i would have even broken $100 for this.  im currently filled with just so much love right now that i really dont even know how to comprehend it.  any time anyone makes any kind of negative comment about the SL kids community, im just going to drift back to the memory of this night, because this says far more than any slander piece anyone can come up with.  

this is going to make a lasting impression on me for a very long time.  i’m so incredibly moved by all of the help and support that people were willing to give to someone that most people only know through a computer screen.   i really don’t even know what to think right now.  im rambling because im still in shock that all of this happened.  so i apologize for this being long winded.  

thank you to everyone that came tonight.  thank you thank you thank you.  this means so much to so many people, and its going to go to someone who both needs and deserves it.   i should also mention that the “official” day of the fundraiser is going to be this sunday, so if you weren’t able to make it to my set, if you are financially able to, please go to aspen at some point between now and then and make a donation.  it will really mean a lot to me. 


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so i dont get spanked…. hehe…

so my comments about not updating my blog have gone from polite to down out threats, so i suppose now’s a good time to update.  hehe.  sorry bout that!  its been quite a busy few months!  so much has happened.  i dont even know where to start!  oh wait, yes i do, rai and i finally partnered about 2 weeks ago!  last saturday we had a huuuuge party at robin and harold’s new place, it was a joint party for me and rai and for their new place.  it was so much fun, im surprised we didnt crash the sim!  hehe.  we had a treasure hunt and everyone came and it was just omg so much fun.  i slept soooo much after that party.  

in other news, im building again!  i didnt have much time the past few months, but now im getting back into it.  the first thing i built was a really cool dance floor, kind of modeled off of one i saw at a shop.  it was way cheap but i figured it’d be more fun to build it (and it was!).  now im working on another project… im not ready to officially announce it yet since its still got a loooot of work to go on it, but lets just say its gonna be really cool when its finished! hehe.  some of you know about it, and its not like its something i can really hide…haha… but i think its cool and im really eexcited about it.  even if someone else is already working on one…hehe.  

KJ was helping me with some simple scripting yesterday… maybe ill actually be able to get it to work!  wouldn’t that actually be cool!  im not holding my breath though.  i also cant figure out for the life of me how alpha textures work.  maybe one day.  today is apparantly not that day though.

today i even got to see my big bro dusan!  it seriously had been like, months since ive seen him.  which is crazy.  we talked all the time but never seemed to be at the same place at the same time.  we only got to hang out for a few minutes since i had to head off to school, but it was still great to see him.

uh oh, back to class.  ill write more soon i promise! 

January 24, 2008 at 11:30 am 3 comments

hey remember me? the kid who USED TO post all the time? hehehe.  sorry about that!  oh man.  where do i begin.  SO MUCH has gone on. first and foremost, and i think the most important at the moment, I MOVED TO KIKAI!! 😀  and even better, rai moved in with me too!!  so now rai and i are living together on our wonderful beautiful island paradise! i’m sooooo excited to be there.  everyone has been oh so incredibly welcoming to us! well, except for gray.  haha.  he’s evil.  look what he did to our house!! graffiti.jpg /me giggles.  SOME WELCOMING, huh.  but yeah, it was amazing.  within an hour of moving the house (surprisingly, with NO issues! the sl gods were smiling upon us!), there were like literally 15 people over at our house welcoming us to the island!! it really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  i really think im gonna like it here. 🙂 aside from that, what else has been up.  oh, dummie’s passing.  on a much sadder note, that is.  i did not know dummie that well at all, but that doesn’t by any sense help to console the fact that such a nice person is now gone.  he was really a sweet person and he will really really be missed.  a lot of people have written a lot of great things about him, and i can only echo what they said.  ooc:  a lot of people have been talking about “what if this happened to you,” and it really makes people stop and think about things.  as for me, my rl bf knows my login info and knows that if anything were to ever happen to me, he’d go on and tell people what happened.  plus a number of people in sl know some of my rl contact info as well.  it really depends on everyone’s level of comfort i guess…. i’m totally fine with people in rl knowing about my sl and visa versa.  i know not everyone is like that, so i respect each person’s wishes.  as for rai, i know enough of his rl contact info where i’d be able to find out if something happened.    anyway.  things have been oh so incredibly busy these days.  ive got a lot more fun stories to talk about that maybe ill eventually get to.  hehehe.  but for now, its time to head over to the vortex.  catch ya’all later! 😀 

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yeah i know i havent updated in forever.  and im not updating right now.  hehe.  too much to do.  but i had to share this. i came across this place and i just had to post the picture.  i dunno if i’d trust this place too much if i were looking for a house. 

November 6, 2007 at 7:58 pm 5 comments


october’s been such a crazy month! so much has been going on i havent hardly had time to even go on my computer and check my email, much less blog! 😦 but i promise that things will be getting much calmer soon, and ill have lots to talk about! things are going really well in my life and ive got some exciting things on the horizon as well!!

October 31, 2007 at 5:12 am 1 comment

before school blogging

so yah. this boy’s been crazy busy the past few days!! oh so much to talk about. where to start.

first, the DJ shows. theyre going great! i’ve done 3 now! the first one went oh so well, we had like 10 people there! which i think for the time slot, is a good turnout. its kinda a crap time, and i know that. so i dont have huge expectations. the second show…. was actually totally unplanned. it was this past monday morning and i didnt have skool (columbus day, yay!) and i was at aspen and caleb was djing, and he was like hey you wanna go for an hour? so i was like oh why the hell not. i did a special set of some of my favorite 90s songs. that night i still did my usual 4-6 set. had less of a turnout, maybe 5 or so people, but i still had a lot of fun. im thinking of moving to a 6-8 set… i gotta check my schedule to make sure that works though. i think that would be a much better time, and as far as i know, that slow is still open at aspen. also, flo finally got me started at his beach club DJing there as well! i havent done any shows yet, and i probably wont be doing a regular weekly show, but more like, “hey im bored, ill go do a show” shows. so that’ll be cool. very different atmosphere i think. so yeah, the shows are going well.

oh yeah, im changing my name to dj offcourse. cuz dj bobby is boring. aaand i finally ran into another bobby. but i still havent met any other offcourses. so ill stick with that. 🙂

next. rai. rai and i are doing really well! things are great. unfortunatley he’s off doing some top secret work that i cant talk about right now (or he’ll kill me….hehehe…) so hes not on much. but i still hear from him every day or so one way or another just so i know he’s okay. so that’s good. i hope hes around more again soon!!!

the others are great. robin and i have been hanging out a lot, cuz he’s really cool like that. we went biking around yesterday and ended up at this wikkid kewl castle!!! it was so sweet!!! he’s also been helping me do a lot of furniture shopping for my house. which is starting to really look like something! about damn time dontcha think?

oh im also working on a new project! i’m starting my own clothing line, offcourse clothing! hehe. again, really took a long time to come up with that name. haha. but yeah. ive decided that instead of just making random shirts, im going to make shirts that reference my favorite decade, the 1990s. even though i wasnt really old enough to remember it, i still watch old shows on nickelodeon and other tv show reruns, and on youtube, and i think they’re the best. so far i’ve made “double dare” shirts and “guts” shirts…. i might tweak the guts ones. im working on ALL SIX “legends of the hidden temple” shirts, and then a camp anawanna (“salute your shorts”) shirt. ive got some other ideas….. alex mack, all that, doug, rugrats, ren and stimpy, rocko’s modern life….. the list goes on and on! but i’m really excited about them! it’ll keep me busy and its a nice thing i can work on…. even when im out at the clubs and what not. 🙂

speaking of the clubs. 2 days ago, it was dj austin’s surprise party!! tommy decorated aspen to look absolutely amazing, with balloons, streamers, signs, and of course a really yummy cake! austin TP’ed in and was like…. whats all this?? hehe. im so happy no one ruined the surprise! it was so great, he was so happy!!! 😀 and then yesterday was gemini’s “evil day” (he turned 666). lol. that was a good time as well! dj ari has officially christened sarah silverman’s “i love you more” as my theme song. not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…hahaha…. but we’ll go with it for now i suppose. 🙂

i think thats about it. im sure there were many more things im forgetting, but i gotta run now and catch the bus. i think im already late!!

October 11, 2007 at 6:54 am 4 comments

big exciting news!

i know this is reeeaallly short notice but TONIGHT is my DJing debut!! i’ll be playing pop/rock/hits/random stuff (and of course requests!) at aspen nights tonight from 4-6pm SLT!! this will probably be my normal set time, if it all works out well today. i’m very very excited! hehehe. i hope you can all stop by, at least for a few minutes. if not ill only hate you a little bit. ^^ (haha im kidding, i know its a weird time…lol). but yeah, hope to see ya all there.

ill work on a bigger update soon, but now im running around trying to organize CDs and get a playlist together and figure out what to wear and OMG SO MANY THINGS TO DO AAHHHH.

October 1, 2007 at 9:02 am 4 comments

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